It’s only now after purchasing a home that I’ve realized my true and full potential. I should pursued finger modeling.


It’s only now after purchasing a home that I’ve realized my true and full potential. I should pursued finger modeling.




It’s looking pretty damn good I must say. After two full 3-day weekdays worth of work we have finished painting Yolo Colorhouse Water .06 on the walls downstairs. We primed over the shit-array of colors that previously made us cringe every time we walked in the house. Oh, we also ripped out the ugly wood wall runner and puttied a crack revealed by the removal. It’s all smooth and flowy now (please I’m not a copy writer. but that’s how it feels). We definitely had fun painting. There’s still a sobering amount of painting to get done - the baseboards, ceilings, bedrooms, bathroom and accents walls to paint…as well as the entire upstairs. To this we say BRO SO GNAR. 


Feels great to get our things out of storage after almost a year. We were really detached, so shedding came easy. Here’s some pre-paint pics of the ‘before’. ‘After’ is so far away it’s best not to get too caught up in it. Baby steps.

The newest addition to our home, just in time for Fall - a cozy little Pendleton blanket I found for a steal at an estate sale on my Friday off work. I was the first one to show up to the sale…of course. I know what I want and I’m gonna get it! (Kelly from Shoes, anyone??) Check out that Yolo Colorhouse Scout color pallette showing up in the design. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered this beauty hidden behind about 15 pairs of boots, with the tags still on. I talked the seller down to $50. Heck yes!

With a little help from a Portland Monthly article I’ve been introduced to Yolo Colorhouse and chosen a muted color palette that truly works well with the PNW seasons as well as our downstairs. Remember the clay color of the home’s exterior? I wanted to make sure the colors we chose inside worked well with the exterior since the color will be reflected into the house. We want that warm and cozy snuggled-up-by-the-fire lodge feel and when I saw the Yolo Scout palette I knew we had a winner. Maybe we’ll toss is a Pendleton throw to tie it together. Check out Yolo’s Scout Palette Pinterest board.

Clockwise from Top to bottom:
1) Yolo Colorhouse Scout Pallet Swatches
2) Yolo Colorhouse Air color swatches for some walls, baseboards, and ceilings
3) Room and color inspiration 


Upstairs we have our own private space - master bed/bath and office. Since we are living in the Pacific Northwest, I want to bring in more of the timber look into our home. Upstairs in our ‘sanctuary’, the theme will be reclaimed timber and bold colors. Putting together a false wall in the bedroom will be a good rite of passage into the DIY world.

Clockwise from top-left: 
1) Room Inspiration
2) Yolo Colorhouse master suite color pallete: Edge of Night
3) Seller’s Master Bed photo
4) Seller’s Master Bath photo


The kitchen needs a remodel, but with Jon being in Law School and my single income, a facelift is what we can afford right now. Painting the cabinets all white and adding some new hardware will go a long way. I’ll bring in some color on the floor cabinets. I would like to tile the backsplash or paint in white dry erase. Somewhere down the road I would like to rip out the wall to open up the kitchen, but We have a lot to learn before we get to that level.

Clockwise from Top-left:
1) Kitchen Inspiration
2) Kitchen Inspiration
3) Seller’s photo of our kitchen
3) Seller’s photo of our dining room


Ladies and Gentlefolks, we are closing on our first house in Multnomah Village, Portland, Oregon! It’s a 1965 ranch-style second story add on build. Ideas for renovations? It has many custom Oak features and I would like to incorporate some rustic features.

Custom Oak features – hardwood floors, ceiling beam, kitchen/bathroom cabinets, staircase railing – as well as a vaulted ceiling in the living room. Suggestions welcomed. Specifically, what paint colors go well with the color of oak features in the house? Tips on how to select a holistic house color scheme to best transition from bathroom to master to kitchen and living room. What are your favorite blogs to follow and resources for selecting wallpaper, DIY projects, paint color combos, ect.?

I’m not a big fan of the style of railing, cabinets, ect, except I love the Oak wood. The white paint on the Oak is tacky IMO (See the kitchen cabinets and stair railing for reference). Currently the living room is painted 3 different colors and the master has pink carpet and floral pink wallpaper in the Master bath. The double mirror vanity in the Master bath is very outdated as well. I want the home to be true to its mid-century ranch style Pacific Northwest roots, but updated to be clean and contemporary. I like rustic, farmhouse, and Scandinavian styles, but I’m truly open to all ideas and suggestions.

Here are the listing photos to give you an idea of what we will be working with on the renos. That pink carpet has GOT TO GO. Lots of fun projects. I’ll post my ideas and projects as they roll out. Here we go…


This is the story of how two twenty-somethings who fell in love while in college at ASU did some growing up and bought a house. We are Hannah and Jon, and we welcome to our home journey.